Our Vision / Mission

We are Engineering Consulting and Services company focused on IoT based solutions.

At Magic Oak IoT Solutions, we are an enabler and technology solution provider in the fields of Smart Factory, Industry 4.0, Smart Home & Smart Building, Future Farming, Smart Automotive. We also offer OEM customer to build next generation smart products to stay ahead in the global market. Our main focus is to make-over the ordinary thing into smart thing. In order to accelerate the quality production, we help our customer to identify and resolve the problem using emerging technology stack for Internet of things (IoT).

With full of passion, Magic Oak IoT Solutions is privately held IoT technology company based in Pune, India with R&D oriented brains to solve the real problem domestically as well globally. Our vision is to make life easier using the emerging technologies like IoT.

Our mission is to empower our customers with IoT turn-key solutions with robust and next generation electronics modules and software.