Our Services
We consult our customer and diagnose customer’s problems to choose the right Internet of Things (IoT) technology and solution.
We analyze and convert business problem into technical specification which helps technical people to understand better.
As soon we get confirmation from client’s end, we will develop the prototype of the solution and also validate on the ground.
Solution design
When customer likes and feels that it solves the problems through prototype, we will design the solution in order to achieve best quality.
Integration & Implementation
We also help our customers to integrate our solutions with their existing tools and systems like ERP, MIS, etc to drive the operation without hassle.
Quality Assurance
We ensure that the customer get benefits of our high quality solutions and we are committed that our solutions meet the high quality standards of industry.
On-Site Deployment
We provide on-site installation, commissioning and training to consume our IoT solution. We ensure that the solution is up and working.
On-going Support
We are committed to provide support for making our solution optimized for business need and fine-tuned for operational requirements.
We continuously learn and innovate new technology for Internet of things(IoT) and upgrade customer’s infrastructure to next generation version.
What We Do?

We are an end-to-end IoT solutions company providing world-class solutions. Our solution includes sensor’s connectivity to web/mobile apps for monitoring, alerting, reporting and analytics of connected devices or “Things”.

Our initial focus is on industrial 4.0, Agriculture and consumer based IoT. We continue to expand our expertise into various verticals including Home Automation, Smart Building, Automobile, Energy and Other Manufacturing industry. We strive to provide complete solution from Problem Identification, Solution Design, Deployment and Maintenance.